Lump Sum Investments

So, you have a large sum of money sitting on your current account from years of saving, an inheritance, or winning the lottery (hopeful)!

Although cash is seen as a safe haven, as an asset class it does not a decent return, due to the current low interest rate environment. Therefore if inflation at the time is greater than the interest you are making on your cash, the ‘real’ purchasing power of your cash gets eroded. You may therefore wish to look at alternative options with your hard earned cash, such as investing into the stock market.

Here at Allshore Associates, our experienced investment advisers can tailor an investment solution that meets your requirements. Our advisers use the following basic principles when structuring your own personal solution:use the following basic principles when investing your hard-cash:

Your attitude to investment risk:

We always complete a questionnaire with questions, in order to identify what concerns you most & least. Whilst these questions are quite ‘searching’ we feel that they are vital in the process to identify how a client feels about various possible scenarios.

Capacity for loss:

We have a duty to identify what risks you should take to avoid adversely effecting your lifestyle. We do so by discussing various outcomes.


We examine closely your objectives. Are you looking for Income, Capital Growth, or possibly both? We also consider what level of investment performance you may be looking for, and advise how realistic your objectives are. If we feel that your objectives would require the taking of excessive risks we will tell you what they could be and describe the effect on your circumstances.

Your tax situation:

Different clients have different tax situations and we look to use the most appropriate tax wrapper for your needs. This is where tax wrappers such as ISA’s may be of interest.

Personal preferences:

We have a number of clients that wish to invest in certain funds such as those which are ethical and we are happy to design a plan in consideration of their wishes. We also have clients that have a desire to invest in certain assets or geographical locations around the world. Again, this is something that we are able to arrange with our knowledge of building international portfolios.

Portfolio Planning:

We do not place an investment in a couple of mixed funds & hope for the best. We plan every portfolio to ensure that it meets with the customers aspirations & concerns. When we construct a portfolio for you, it is important that you are aware of its key features and the methodology used in its construction. We always make our advice easy to understand using lots of real examples to help.

If you wish to discuss potential investment options with us, please get in touch via email or give us a call.



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