Tax Efficient Investing

There are various ways that investments can be structured in a way in which is tax efficient to you

One of the most popular tax vehicles to use is an ‘ISA’, an Individual Savings Account. It is important to realise ISA’s are not an investment in the sense of an asset class; they are simply a ‘tax wrapper’ which can be placed around a savings account, a share of a company, or various other assets.

Funds with ISA’s are exempt from paying Capital Gains Tax (CGT), which is a tax on any gain on an investment over the CGT threshold. This therefore makes them appealing to investors.

Other such investment vehicles such as Onshore or Offshore Bonds can also offer investors tax efficiency. For instance, if you invest a lump of money into one of these bonds, the investor can withdraw up to 5% of the initial investment per year which is free of income tax. This could be appealing to those investors which are currently higher or additional rate tax payers.

If you would like to explore what options could be appealing for you to use, please give us a call, drop us an email or come and say hello in our office in St Austell.



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